Five Common Misconceptions of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing… So much can be said about it. Today we decided to touch five common misconceptions.

1. It is not relevant to my industry or business field.

Social media marketing is no longer a trend. It is here to stay, and if you are not there, you don’t exist, as simple as that.

Your office can look a mess or you can work from home, but your social media environment and especially your website should be top-notch.

2. Why waste money on social media management? Anyone can do it!

There are numerous courses promising their graduates to provide them with expertise in this most wanted field. Anyone can attend these courses, but most people promoting themselves as marketing experts are disconnected from the strategic and marketing-wise understanding of each business’ needs. Marketing management is not about picking pretty pictures and writing “sexy” posts – rather, it needs a holistic approach and requires an analytic state of mind. A professional marketing manager can manage an external social media agency, but not vice versa. It is recommended to employ a professional marketing consulting agency, whose consultants fulfilled several serious marketing roles and have a proven record of successful projects.

3. Social media is replacing face to face sales.

It is not! On the contrary, people overloaded by information and exhausted by social media tend to appreciate face to face contact much more. Moreover, every experienced marketing manager will advise basing your social media network on your real-life connections. Real people will be more excited to provide positive feedback to your posts. You will reach a wider audience of a higher quality when your actual contacts are engaged in your posts by liking them, sharing them or commenting on them.

4. Storytelling is about long posts.

It is not! Unless it is a post about a one-time life-changing experience, media persons whose routine long posts are attracting loyal readers are extremely rare and should be extremely talented. In most cases, your longform essay will scare people away or provoke comments like “TL;DR” (“Too Long; Didn’t Read”). If you wish to write a long post, consider writing a blog and sharing a link and a few key sentences instead of the full text. This way people will feel less obligated to read it at the same minute, and it looks more professional – like a newspaper op-ed. People will save the link and remember where to find it whenever they are free to read. Blogs will also attract more traffic to your website.

5. Selfie-movies are better promoted.

Recently there is a trend to make a selfie movie, where you pitch some idea on the walk or while you drive a car. It is so redundant! Avoid it, unless you are a talented comedian and unless comedy is a part of your business! Avoid it, unless you are an amazingly beautiful and charismatic model and your business is about beauty! Avoid it, unless you have a budget for professional make-up, stylist, hairdresser, and a video production company!

Otherwise, in the best case, you will be ignored by a busy audience (as already mentioned in paragraph 4), or the laughs will be about you and your business and may harm your professional reputation.

When is it a good idea to share a selfie-movie? If you are a professional company manager who is using Facebook Live to invite customers to your booth at an exhibition or to provide short previews of a company event or a demo of a product. Even in this case, it would be better if your colleague will make a video from a better and steady angle, than shooting yourself with the selfie camera.

That’s all for today!

We will be glad to provide professional advice on social media marketing or to assist you with professional marketing service, intelligently tailored to your business needs.

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